Wifi Full Form | What Is Wifi Stand For | Wifi Meaning Explain

Wifi Full Form

Wifi Full Form. What is Wifi Stand for? Wifi full meaning. Explain the full meaning of Wifi. Wifi stand for Wireless Fidelity.

WiFi – Wireless Fidelity

Wireless Fidelity is a brand. It is licensed by wifi alliance to describe. Technology of wireless local area network. A person with wifi can easily connected to Internet. Wireless access point (WAP). Connects a group of wireless and Devices to an adjacent wired LAN.

Technical Specification

It based on the IEEE 802.11 specification. Having a typical wireless access point. Using 802.11b and 802.11g. It have a range of 120 ft indoors and 300 ft outdoors. The area covered by one or several Wireless access  points called a hotspot.

A Wi-Fi is supported by many applications and devices. There are video game consoles, Laptops and mobile phones. And other consumer electronics.

Wifi Full Form

WI-Fi is the name of a wireless networking technology. This  uses radio waves to provide high-speed network and Internet connections. Article explains Wi-Fi technology. How it works and misconceptions about Wireless Fidelity.

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