How To Remove Memory Card Password Latest Trick 2019

Remove Memory Card Password. Hello friends Asalamoalekum. I am your host Irfan Khan Afridi. I’m going to tell a very good thing in this article today. Read this article to the last. How to remove memory card password in 2019. Do you have a password on your memory card and you have forgotten it and now you can not remove that password. And you can not access our memory card. Do not bother you It’s very simple.

Remove Memory Card Password

How to delete the password from your memory card without formatting it. It is very easy. I will tell you an app. You have to download the app and install it on your mobile. After that, you have to open that app and your memory card is not included in the mobile. Insert your memory card into a mobile phone with a password Problem.

Removing password

It is very important to read this article. As you insert the memory card, after that you open the app I know the people you know, after you open that app you have to go to the memory card, you will get a system named file on it. Then you have to click on the system name file. After that you have a The file which is named MMCStore, has to be edited by MMCStore.txt. After that you have to open this file the way you will open it which will be formatted in it will be converted to the text and you will get the password in it. You can copy the password and apply it to your own memory card.

I hope that the article will be very much like you and you will have great help from this article. Download this app by clicking on the button below. Thank you all very much.


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