Is Your Mobile Phone PTA Verified? Save Your Mobile From Blocking

Is Your Mobile Phone PTA Verified?. PTA’s Last Warning About Smuggled Mobile Phone’s. If Your Phone is not verified it would be blocked on 20 October 2018. PTA’s is going to take notice about the stolen and smuggled mobile phone from other country’s they are going to block them in Pakistan on 20 October 2018.

Is Your Mobile Phone PTA Verified?

Any Doubt Watch Video:

According to PTA, only verified and registered mobile phones will be able to work as all other devices will be blocked by the authority while the users are provided with a deadline till October 20th.

Is Your Mobile Phone PTA Verified?

How to Verify Your Phone:

If you haven’t received any SMS, no need to worry as PTA has provided three ways to verify your devices with the authority:

By Sending SMS

  • Open Write Message
  • Write IMEI number of your phone
  • Send it to 8484.

If you want to check your IMEI number, dial *#06# from your mobile phone.

IMEI compliant

This means that Apka mobile phone is approved by PTA and your phone will not be blocked after the 20th of October. You Can Enjoy Their Services Freely now.

Valid IMEI

Because Your phone is registered under GSMA but not with PTA. You have to register your mobile phone with PTA, otherwise, your phone will be blocked.

Invalid IMEI

My mobile phone is fake or tempered, that means you are not allowed to use this device anymore while PTA is going to block your device.

This is the praiseworthy step from PTA, as it will help in regulating the mobile phone industry in Pakistan and instantly block the stolen phone in the future.

Check Your Mobile Is Save Or Not

Is Your Mobile Phone PTA Verified?


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