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Hide Photos And Videos. Hello friends, I’m your host Irfan Khan Afridi. What is today’s article about No media. In today’s article, i will tell you people, how we can hide our galleries videos and photos. Nowadays every one keeps their privacy in their mobile. To save that privacy. I have brought them an app.This App will hide your privacy and no one will be able to see it. That app’s name is No media. I can say with conviction that you people will love this app very much. This app is given in the download button below the article, you can download it from there.

Hide photos and videos

Now it’s easy to hide photos and videos. Now you do not have to put any password to your photos and videos and to the gallery. Often you have photos and videos in your mobile. Which is very personal and you do not want to share it with anyone. App used to hide persnal photos and videos.This is a great app.Too many people have commented on this. That this is best app ever. Will help you hide your privacy. Absolutely free app, no one will need to put some money to use this app.

This app comes from when you open it, then this app will be available to you. Anyone can hide their photos and videos from this app. You will continue to have hands-on secure from this app. Its features are also very good. It is very simple to use. Graphical user interface is very good. Its size is too small, 2MB is the size of this app.

I hope you like the article. If you want people like this kind of good articles tomorrow then please stay with us. Click the Download button below to download it. Thank you very much for taking your interest.

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