Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 All Episodes in Urdu | Ertugrul in urdu Download

Ertugrul Ghazi season 1 all episodes in urdu

Welcome Back, In today’s article you will watch and Download ” Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 All Episodes in Urdu and Hindi. Ertugrul Ghazi is a Turkish historical, Adventure, and fiction Tv show. Mehmet Bozdag is the creator of it.

In a very short time, Ertugrul Ghazi made the whole world its fan. After releasing in Urdu and Hindi. it’s now trending in Pakistan too. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, praised the show in a public speech and recommended Pakistanis to watch it And Ask Ptv To broadcast it. After broadcast 3M+ have watched the Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 All Episodes in Urdu and Hindi.

This show is released in 5 seasons. In this article, I provide season 1 of Ertugrul Ghazi you can watch all episodes in Urdu and Hindi.

About Ertugrul Ghazi | Season 1 in Urdu

This series was filmed in Turkey on 10th December 2014, in a village called Beykoz. This show is based on the historic story of the Muslim Oghuz in the 13th century. It’s all about the life of Ertugrul, he was the father of Usman 1, who created the Ottoman Empire.

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Team of Ertugrul Ghazi

Created by Mehmet Bozdağ
Directed by Metin Günay
Starring Engin Altan Düzyatan

Composer(s) Zeynep Alasya
Country of origin Turkey
Original language(s) Turkish
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 150 (list of episodes)


Executive producer(s) Kemal Tekden
Production location(s) Riva, Turkey
Running time 115–125 minutes
Production company(s) Tekden Film


Original network TRT 1 (HD) TRT 4K
Picture format 1080i (16:9 HDTV) 4K UHD
Audio format 5.1 Surround Sound
Original release December 10, 2014 –
May 29, 2019

Story of Ertugrul Ghazi season 1 

Since the Mongolian invasion, Turkish tribes have fled from Central Asia and beyond. One of the Oviedo Turks, the Kiev tribe lives in Anatolia with 2,000 large Bedouin tents.

After going through a difficult famine, they decide to migrate to a better place where they can start a new life. Süleyman Şah (Sardar Gökhan) is the leader of the Kayi tribe.

Süleyman Şah has five sons with Gandodu, Sangortkin, Ertu-Roll, Dunder, and the youngest İbrahim, who was not present in the show. The other sister Sangortikan was caught by the Mongols and was missing, believed to be dead, not believed by her mother, Ham Hatton. Their two sons Gandodu and Ertroval are loyal to him and participate in tribal affairs. Dander isn’t big enough to fully participate in tribal affairs.

The youngest son of Süleyman Şah, Art Roll (Engin Altan Dajitan) usually hunts with three close friends (Bamsi, Doğan, and Target). During the hunt, the Knights transported three prisoners transport to Templar. Eritrea Roll and his friends killed the knights and saved the lives of three prisoners to be hung. Haleem (Isra Balaji) is a young girl named Yağat, her father and brother.

Arturo and his friends (who belonged to a large family of the Seljuk Empire), who did not have real identities of the rescued prisoners, had to reveal they’re true identity in fear of getting caught again.

Haleem and his family’s arrival in the group brought new challenges to the Kayi tribe. If the family of the Seljuk Empire does not return, it threatens the war and the Knights Templar takes revenge. Because of these threats, some gypsies blame Solomon Shah for poor leadership in avoiding these problems. The unrest of this group fulfills the intentions of Süleyman Şah’s sworn brother Kardwalo. Cardoso wants to overthrow Suleiman the Magnificent and become the leader of the Kayi tribe. Silicon Hatton (Gando’s wife) is negative about Helium and his family in his tribe, so he gossips about Gokis Hatton and Ayaz Hatton.

To resolve the conflict, Süleyman Şah sends the task of finding a new place for the gypsy group to the Gypsy. Aristotle and his three friends are sent to Aleppo, especially to deal with the Sultan. It is an event that closes the chain of events that eventually led to the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

How To Download Ertugrul all episodes in Urdu 

To Download Ertugrul all episodes in Urdu-Hindi find the Download button in the article and click on that. You can download Download the entire season or episode one by one.

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